In his defense, a Vatican spokesman said that the Pope’s comments were in Latin and that he didn’t expect anyone to actually understand him.

“It’s (Latin) a dead language,” said the spokesman, “Et al infinitum, Ominus Dominus, labia, etc, etc.  I mean, who really understands that gibberish?”

The Spokesman later tried to pass off the Pope’s comments as a joke.

“He was trying to show that he has a sense of humor like everyone else:  ‘Gouge their eyes with hot pokers. Remove their faithless entrails by the hole of their pee.’  C’mon, that’s funny stuff.  Good old Ratzy.”

This is not the first time that the Pope has stirred up controversy.  In 2006 he enraged Muslims by calling for a new Crusade and declaring that Muhammad likes little boys.  "Crusade 2000X" was later called off due to a lack of funding after the church had to pay out millions to little boys with lawyers who couldn't keep their mouths shut.

Ratzingers missteps have prompted some to beg the question:  Worst Pope Ever? 

“This is easily the worst Pope since Octavius ‘the Plunger’” said one disgruntled Bishop.  “I guess that’s what we get for electing a Nazi.” he added.

Despite Vatican retractions the Pope has stated in his 'Pope Blog' that he stands by every word.

"The Spanish had it right the first time.  Now that purgatory no longer officially exists, it's up to us to create purgatory here on earth for all non-believers.  I'm looking at you Holland - you goddamn atheists.”

“He doesn’t mean that either,” added the spokesman. 

In general, the Pope's comments have been met with disbelief.  "I never expected the Spanish Inquisition," said one bishop close to the Pope. 

No one ever does.
Vatican:  Pope’s Comments about Reinstating the Spanish Inquisition ‘Misunderstood’

VATICAN CITY – A Vatican spokesman said today that Pope Ratzinger’s recent calls to reinstate the Spanish Inquisition were “taken out of context.”

The Pope ignited a firestorm of protest last week when he declared that it was time for the Church to “get back to the business of converting souls” further stating that “all heathens must be converted or suffer purification by death.”

The comments were made during a speech at Guantanamo Bay, where the Pope toured U.S. prison facilities and met with detainees.  He praised U.S. torture efforts, but said that they did not go far enough.  “The Spanish, now they knew how to torture somebody.  Waterboarding is for pussies,” said the Pope.
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January 24, 2008
  Would this man torture?
AP Photo of Pope Benedick XVI
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